People who live the Life of Thrift Store Shopping!

Live thrifty!

There are many forms of thrifty living, here’s some of
my nicknames and other terms used to living thrifty:
Thrifters (location and online thrift store shoppers),
couponers, repurposers, mini farmers, composters, mini housers, clean energists, bulk buyers, bicycle & eco
riders, barterers, and recyclers.

By shopping your non-profit stores you are recycling you money
back to your community.

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  1. Hi … do you have any information on an event that was held in past years in February called “Thrifter’s Challenge Scavenger Hunt” that involved some local thrift stores? I read about it online some time ago and wondered if it will be done again.


  2. How do I go about adding my non-profit resale store to your list? Begin Again is our store to support Christmas Come True. We are a 501-C3 non-profit organization that is going on 8 years old in Flager County

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