Sandra’s Story

Sandra Conners genuine story on how thrift stores changed and enhanced her life:

We all have life stories. The older we get the more stories we
have. This is one of my many stories. Nonprofit Charities and the
causes they support also have a multitude of heartwarming,
heartbreaking stories.

Many years ago after being run over by my husband, and only a
teen with a two-year-old daughter, facing more surgery, in a
wheelchair, evicted from my apartment in the middle of winter, I
had nowhere to turn. Luckily my neighbors took me in, but only for
a short time. If it hadn’t been for Saint Vincent De Paul and a few
other charities at that time who knows what would’ve happened? I
was homeless. This is why I felt the need to support and share
their causes.

They helped me by putting a roof over my head with the
necessary furniture and food until my disability came through
again. I learned long ago that even though some of these
charities seem to be a specific denomination they do not
discriminate in anyway shape or form. I also learned that not just
monetary donations, but items that are donated to these charities
do make a difference. Whether it is for resale or for helping
someone get back on their feet. whatever the need or reason the
money and the goods do make a difference in somebody’s life! I
can assure you the gratitude for your support is greatly
appreciated. I know this firsthand!

Thrift◦Life® is my way of showing my gratitude by sharing their
stories of the causes they support and helping them by being their
voice. More importantly giving them a platform to sell their
inventory, We have become their marketing hub and will do so as
long as you help us help them, let’s support your community
through your nonprofit thrift stores.

thrifters keep thrifting!
Thank you.

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